Release 13 Release Notes    

Products with New Features or Major Bug Fixes

The tables below list the products that were updated for Release 13. For each product, the table indicates whether the update includes new features, bug fixes, or both. The new features for each product are briefly summarized following the tables below, and discussed in more detail in Release Notes for each product. Minor bug fixes are not documented.

Products with new features or major bug fixes for Release 13 are presented in the following categories:

MATLAB Products

New Features
Major Bug Fixes

MATLAB Compiler 3.0

MATLAB Report Generator 1.3


New Features
Major Bug Fixes
Communications Toolbox 2.1

Control System Toolbox 5.2

Data Acquisition Toolbox 2.2

Excel Link 2.0

Filter Design Toolbox 2.2

Financial Derivatives Toolbox 2.0

Financial Time Series Toolbox 2.0

Image Processing Toolbox 3.2

Instrument Control Toolbox 1.2

Mapping Toolbox 1.3

Neural Network Toolbox 4.0.2

(Documentation update)
Optimization Toolbox 2.2

Signal Processing Toolbox 6.0

Spline Toolbox 3.1.1

Statistics Toolbox 4.0

Virtual Reality Toolbox 3.0

Wavelet Toolbox 2.2

Simulink Products

New Features
Major Bug Fixes
Simulink® 5.0

Real-Time Windows Target 2.2

(Documentation update)
Real-Time Workshop ® 5.0

Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder 3.0

Requirements Management Interface 1.0.4

SimPowerSystems 2.3

Simulink Performance Tools 1.2

Simulink Report Generator 1.3

Stateflow® 5.0 and Stateflow® Coder 5.0

xPC Target 2.0


New Features
Bug Fixes
Communications Blockset 2.5

Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.1.2
(Documentation Enhancement)

DSP Blockset 5.0

Fixed-Point Blockset 4.0

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