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JIT Accelerated MATLAB.   One of the most significant features in MATLAB 6.5 is a new performance acceleration capability that speeds up the execution of functions and scripts in many M-file applications. The changes in how MATLAB processes functions and scripts provide a substantial performance increase over earlier MATLAB versions for many MATLAB applications.

Speeding up the execution of programs written in MATLAB is an ongoing endeavor that will be delivered over a number of product releases. The Performance Acceleration section of the MATLAB documentation explains how to best make use of the JIT Accelerator and how to use the MATLAB Profiler to optimize your performance. That section includes several sample programs to illustrate how you can make your M-file programs run faster.

Other new MATLAB features, documented in more detail in the MATLAB 6.5 Release Notes, are summarized in the following categories:

Development Environment.   This release introduces the Profiler, a new graphical user interface for assessing the performance of your M-files so you can make performance improvements. In addition to this new desktop tool, there are many enhancements to the existing tools, and some new and updated related functions. These include

Mathematics.   Mathematics new features include

Programming and Data Types.   In addition to the performance enhancements described above in JIT Accelerated MATLAB, MATLAB 6.5 also offers support for regular expressions, changes to logical and sparse in the MATLAB data types hierarchy, more control in warning and error handling, the ability to schedule execution of MATLAB commands, and new features in audio support.

Major features of this release are

Programming Tips Documentation.   The "MATLAB Programming Tips", a new feature documented in more detail in the MATLAB 6.5 Release Notes, is a categorized collection of tips on a wide range of topics. The tips include pointers into the MATLAB documentation for more complete coverage.

External Interfaces.   MATLAB 6.5 offers many new features in MATLAB COM client support, including

Graphics.   MATLAB 6.5 adds the following graphics features and enhancements:

Creating Graphical User Interfaces.   MATLAB 6.5 adds the following features and enhancements to GUIDE:

MATLAB Compiler 3.0

New MATLAB Compiler features, documented in more detail in the MATLAB Compiler 3.0 Release Notes, include

MATLAB Report Generator 1.3

New MATLAB Report Generator features, documented in more detail in the MATLAB and Simulink Report Generator 1.3 Release Notes, include support for specifying table column widths with the MATLAB Cell Table component.

MATLAB Licensing

Two new features relate to MATLAB licensing:

Heartbeats.   The license manager now releases all of the licenses associated with a particular MATLAB session if it does not receive "heartbeat" messages from the MATLAB client. By default, the license manager waits 2 hours before releasing licenses.

This time-out will be reached if the client machine crashes and cannot release the license, or if the machine is removed from the network (unplugged). If MATLAB reestablishes its connection to the license server after its licenses are released, they will be checked out again. When you suspend MATLAB using Ctrl+Z, the heartbeat thread is still active and continues to maintain the connection to the license server.

New license Command Features.   The MATLAB license command now supports two new capabilities:

To use the MATLAB license command to obtain a list of all licenses currently in use, use this syntax

You can also use the license command to check if you have a license for a particular product.

You must use the product name abbreviation as it appears in the INCREMENT line in your License File (license.dat). For example, the product name for the the System Identification Toolbox is Identification_Toolbox. Note that product names are case sensitive.

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