Communications Blockset Release Notes    

Upgrading from an Earlier Release

There issues involved in upgrading from the Communications Blockset 2.0.1 to Version 2.5 are described below.

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 2.0.1, then you should see Upgrading from an Earlier Release.

Old Models Using the Baseband or Passband SSB Modulators Must be Resaved

The baseband and passband SSB modulators have been updated for Release 13 to now include a pop-up menu enabling you to choose between upper and lower sideband modulation. You should resave any models using the old SSB modulators before running them in Release 13 to avoid producing Simulink warnings.

Change the Boolean Logic Signals Parameter to Off

The Communications Blockset does not support signals with boolean data type. In Release 13, the Simulink Boolean logic signals parameter is now set to On by default. If you use Simulink blocks, such as the Logical Operator block, together with Communications Blockset blocks in a model, you must change the default setting of the Boolean logic signals parameter setting to Off. To do so, type

at the beginning of each MATLAB session, before you create a model. This sets the Boolean logic signals parameter to Off for every model you create during the current MATLAB session.

To manually change the Boolean logic signals parameter in a model to Off, do the following steps:

  1. Select Simulation parameters from the Simulation menu on the toolbar.
  2. Click the Advanced tab in the Simulation Parameters dialog box.
  3. Select Boolean logic signals in the Optimizations field.
  4. Under Action, select the Off check box.
  5. Click OK.

Note that this changes the Boolean logic signals parameter to Off only for the current model.

Since the default setting of the Boolean logic signals parameter prior to Release 13 was Off, it is not necessary to make changes to models that you created prior to Release 13.

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