Database Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 3
Database Toolbox 2.1 Release Notes

New Features

This section introduces the new features and enhancements added in the Database Toolbox 2.1 since the Database Toolbox 2.0 (Release 11.0).

Platforms Supported

The Database Toolbox now runs on all platforms that support MATLAB 6, with the exception of the HP 10.2 (HP 700).

Performance Improvement

Version 2.1 performance for fetching data from your database has increased by a factor of roughly 100 over Version 2.0. This improvement was first introduced in Version 2.0.1.

Starting the Database Toolbox

Do not run feature('dispatchjava',1) to start the Database Toolbox, as was required for Version 2.0. Instead, begin by running the Database Toolbox function you want to use.

Exporting Results to Report Generator

When using the Visual Query Builder, you can now export query results using the Report Generator, if the Report Generator product is part of your system configuration. To use it, select Report Generator from the Visual Query Builder Display menu.

Grouping Constraints for a Single Field

A Group button has been added to the Where, Subquery, and Having dialog boxes. Use the Group button to group constraints for a single field, especially when using the OR operator. Basically, the Group button allows you to evaluate a set of constraints as a whole.

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