Datafeed Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 3
Datafeed Toolbox 1.2 Release Notes

Introduction to the Datafeed Toolbox

The Datafeed Toolbox was introduced after Release 11.1.

The Datafeed Toolbox effectively turns your MATLAB workstation into a financial data acquisition terminal. Using the Datafeed Toolbox, you can download a wide variety of security data from financial data servers into your MATLAB workspace. Then, you can pass this data to MATLAB or to another toolbox, such as the Financial Time Series Toolbox, for further analysis.

Learning More About the Datafeed Toolbox

The Datafeed Toolbox documentation describes the product in detail. You can also read about the Datafeed Toolbox in the products section of the MathWorks Web page (

New Features

This section introduces the new features and enhancements added in the Datafeed Toolbox 1.2 after the Datafeed Toolbox 1.0 (Release 11.1).

Support for IDC and Yahoo

The Datafeed Toolbox now supports connections to Interactive Data Corporation (IDC) and Yahoo data servers in addition to Bloomberg.

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