Dials & Gauges Blockset Release Notes    

Chapter 2
Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.1.1 Release Notes

New Features

This section introduces the new features and enhancements added in the Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.1.1 since the Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.0 (Release 11.1).

Real-Time Workshop Support

You can now use Real-Time Workshop to generate code from models that include Dials & Gauges Blockset blocks.

For dials, the code you generate contains static values (i.e., the value specified at the time of code generation). Gauges are ignored during code generation, except through the use of external mode (see below). If you want to manipulate dials and view the gauges, you can do so through the Real-Time Workshop's external mode.

External Mode Support

The Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.1.1 support for external mode allows you to incorporate dials and gauges into any target that you can connect to through external mode (e.g., the xPC Target and Real-Time Windows Target environments; see the documentation for those products for details).

For more information about external mode, see the "External Mode" section of the Real-Time Workshop documentation.

Block Parameters Dialog Boxes Enhanced

A new field, Event on which to output, has been added to the Block Parameters dialog box for dials.

This field has been added to allow dial controls to be more efficient. In the Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.0, at each time step Simulink queried the dial for its value. Now, in the Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.1.1, when you move a dial, an event occurs that changes the output value of the block. This new event-driven approach is more efficient than the former approach of repeatedly requesting the same information at successive time steps.

The Event on which to output field allows you to specify what events will cause the value of the output to be updated.

New Demos Added

The Global Majic ActiveX Library, dng_gmslib, contains two new demo sublibraries:

These sublibraries contain ActiveX controls that use time-limited evaluation licenses from Global Majic, Inc. Contact The MathWorks for details about purchasing full licenses for those controls.

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