Dials & Gauges Blockset Release Notes    

Upgrading from an Earlier Release

This section describes the upgrade issues involved in moving from the Dials & Gauges Blockset 1.1.1 to Version 1.1.2.

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 1.1.1, then you should see Upgrading from an Earlier Release.

Change in Numerical Value of Buttons and Switches

In earlier versions of the Dials & Gauges Blockset, ActiveX control blocks in the Buttons & Switches library returned a numerical value of -1 when they were in the "on" state. As of Version 1.1.2, the same blocks return a numerical value of 1 when they are in the "on" state. The "off" state is unaffected by this change, and continues to return a numerical value of 0.

Here are two possible ways to upgrade your existing models that use button or switch blocks:

If you previously used a Data Type Conversion block to convert to a Simulink Boolean value, then you do not need to change your model.

Removal of Dialog Box Field for Off-Block Controls

The Event on which to output field has been removed from the Block Parameters dialog box for off-block controls. Off-block dials are not supported.

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