Filter Design Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 3
Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 Release Notes

New Features

Incorporating functionality from the Quantized Filtering Toolbox, Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 is a new product for digital filter design, implementation, and analysis using fixed-point or arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic. This toolbox includes advanced FIR and IIR filter design methods and a new quantization tool for designing and analyzing quantized FIR and IIR filters. This section introduces the features and enhancements added in the Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 since the Quantized Filtering Toolbox 1.0 was released in Release 11.1.

You must have the Signal Processing Toolbox installed to use Filter Design Toolbox.

New Quantization Tool for Advanced FIR and IIR Filter Design

Signal Processing Toolbox includes an interactive filter design tool called Filter Design and Analysis Tool (FDATool). You use this visual interface to design, convert, quantize, import, and export FIR and IIR filters. FDATool integrates filter design and analysis functions in a single tool, letting you do all your filter design tasks from within the tool instead of using the MATLAB command line. Filter Design Toolbox adds quantization analysis to FDATool.

When you install Filter Design Toolbox, FDATool operates in three modes:

To enable you to convert filters from one structure to another, for example, from direct form to coupled allpass, FDATool offers smart conversion tools. When you convert a filter, FDATool offers you a selection of conversion structures that depends on the current filter type.

To launch FDATool, enter fdatool at the MATLAB command prompt or use the Launch Pad. For more information on the new tool, refer to "Filter Design and Analysis Tool" in the Signal Processing Toolbox User's Guide or use Help to review the online documentation.

New Objects

The Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 includes these new objects:

New Filter Design Functions

The Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 includes these new filter design functions:

New Filter Conversion Functions

The Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 includes these new filter conversion functions:

New Filter Structures

Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 includes five new filter structures:

To learn more about these structures, refer to Filter Structures in the Filter Design Toolbox User's Guide.

New Analysis Methods

Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 includes two new analysis methods:

New Functions and Enhancements

Filter Design Toolbox 2.0 includes the following new functions and enhancements:

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