Filter Design Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 1
Filter Design Toolbox 2.2 Release Notes

New Features

This section introduces the new features and enhancements added to the Filter Design Toolbox 2.2 since Version 2.1 (Release 12.1).

If you are upgrading from a release earlier than Release 12.1, you should read New Features in the Filter Design Toolbox 2.1 Release Notes.

Multiple Precision Fixed-Point Filters Support

The Filter Design Toolbox 2.2 now supports word lengths greater than 64 bits. Earlier versions limited your fixed-point word length to 53 bits or fewer and 64 bits or fewer for floating-point word length.

Now you can use word lengths up to the memory capacity of your machine.

In addition, fraction lengths can now be greater than the associated word length, and can be less than zero.

All MATLAB Platforms Supported

With this release, the Filter Design Toolbox runs on all MATLAB platforms.

Four Filter Design Functions Added

This version of the toolbox adds four new filter design functions:

Enhanced Filter Design Functions

The following design functions have been upgraded to use the Leja algorithm to determine the minimum phase polynomial and from that the filter coefficients:

Five New Filter-Related Functions

Filter Design Toolbox 2.2 adds the ability to read and write Xilinx CORE Generator files, and the ability to realize models of quantized filters in SimulinkTM if you own the DSP Blockset and Fixed-Point Blockset.

These three functions expand your filter options and capabilities:

Two other functions provide signal interpolation and decimation capability:

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