Fixed-Point Blockset Release Notes    

Upgrading from an Earlier Release

This section describes the upgrade issues involved in moving from the Fixed-Point Blockset 3.1 to Version 4.0.

Replacing Obsolete Blocks

If you are using blocks from previous versions of the Fixed-Point Blockset, your model may contain obsolete blocks. The fpupdate function can be used to update obsolete blocks from previous Fixed-Point Blockset releases to current Fixed-Point Blockset blocks.

fpupdate('model') replaces all obsolete Fixed-Point Blockset blocks contained in the model with current blocks. The model must be opened prior to calling fpupdate.

fpupdate('model',blkprompt) prompts you for replacement of obsolete blocks. If blkprompt is 0 (the default), you will not be prompted. If blkprompt is 1, you will have three options:

Restoring Broken Links

Breaking library links to Fixed-Point Blockset blocks will almost certainly produce an error when you attempt to run the model. If broken links exist, you will likely uncover them when upgrading to the latest release of the Fixed-Point Blockset. The fixpt_restore_links command can be used to restore links for Fixed-Point Blockset blocks.

Data Type Override and Logging Parameters

The Override data type(s) with doubles and Log minimums and maximums check boxes have been removed from the mask of every Fixed-Point Blockset block. You can now set these parameters on the system or subsystem level.

When you upgrade to Version 4.0, all doubles override and logging information is cleared from your models. You can reset these controls in the Fixed-Point Blockset Interface for any system or subsystem. Access the Fixed-Point Blockset Interface from the Simulink Tools menu, or by typing fxptdlg('modelname') at the MATLAB command line.

If you have been getting or setting the block parameters DblOver or dolog in your M-code, you must now use the system parameters DataTypeOverride and MinMaxOverflowLogging.

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