Financial Time Series Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 1
Financial Time Series Toolbox 2.0 Release Notes

New Features

This section summarizes the new features and enhancements introduced in the Financial Time Series Toolbox 2.0.

Support for Time-of-Day Information

Version 2.0 of the Financial Time Series Toolbox provides support for financial time series objects incorporating time-of-day information. The toolbox only supports hourly and minute time series. Seconds are disregarded when the object is created (e.g., 01-jan-2001 12:00:01 is considered to be 01-jan-2001 12:00).

New Functions Added

Extract data from financial time series object
Determine version
Convert Version 2 time series object to Version 1
Convert Version 1 time series object to Version 2


Determine uniqueness


Check if dates and times are montonically increasing

Modified Functions

A large number of functions have been modified to work with financial time series objects containing time-of-day information. See the individual function descriptions for specifics.

The displays produced by chartfts and ftsgui have been improved.

The object constructor fints can construct a financial time series object containing time-of-day information when that information is encoded in the date strings or the serial date numbers are input to the function.

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