Mapping Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 1
Mapping Toolbox 1.3 Release Notes

New Features

This section summarizes the new features and enhancements added in the Mapping Toolbox 1.3.

If you are upgrading from a release earlier than Release 12.0, then you should also see the Mapping Toolbox 1.2.1 Release Notes (for enhancements introduced between Release 11.0 and Release 12.0).

New and Enhanced Map Display Functions

New northarrow Annotation Function

The new northarrow function lets you add a north arrow symbol to a map, pointing to geographic north. You can reposition a north arrow by clicking and dragging it, or adjust other properties such as position, color, and size via alternate-clicking.

New mlabelzero22pi Axes Label Command

The new mlabelzero22pi command converts meridian labels to use the range 0 to 360 degrees, instead of the default -180 to 180 degrees.

Enhanced clegendm Contour Annotation Function

The clegendm funciton has been enhanced with a new, optional syntax that accepts a string indicating the contour line units. Alternatively, text label strings can be supplied for each and every contour level via a cell array.

New Interactive Interface

The new lightmui function provides an interactive, graphical user interface to control the position of lights on a globe or 3-D map.

Mapping Data Enhancement

Updated Atlas Data

Political boundaries and country names have been updated in both the worldlo and worldhi atlas files.

Other Enhancements

Ellipses Now Drawn More Smoothly

The ellipse1 function has been modified to create smoother ellipses. A weighted distribution of azimuth points is used instead of the uniform distribution between the starting and ending points. More points are added at locations near the semi-major and semi-minor axes and fewer points at the other intermediate locations.

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