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Documentation Updates

Editor/Debugger Example - Graphic and Information Incorrect

In the printed book Using MATLAB (Version 6), on page 7-19, the graph shown is incorrect. For the correct graph, see the same page in the Help browser at MATLAB -> Using MATLAB -> Development Environment -> Editing and Debugging M-Files -> Debugging M-Files -> Trial Run for Example.

On page 7-29, in "Correcting Problems and Ending Debugging, Completing the Example," step 3 is incorrect. It should instead read "In collatzplot.m line 12, change the string plot_seq to seq_length(m) and save the file."

interp1 Extrapolation of Out-of-Range Values

A new argument enables interp1 to perform extrapolation for out-of-range values for all methods. It also enables you to specify a scalar to be returned for out-of-range values.

The PDF version of the interp1 reference page incorrectly states that the default for all methods is for interp1 to perform extrapolation for out-of-range values. In fact, interp1 performs extrapolation as the default only for the 'spline', 'pchip', and 'cubic' methods. For all other methods, it returns NaN for out-of-range values. This behavior is unchanged from Version 5.

The HTML reference page for interp1 is correct.

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