MATLAB Release Notes    

Development Environment Features

Command Window

MATLAB 6.1 includes two command window enhancements:

Help Browser

When you select documentation for the product filter, you can clear all currently selected products or select all products.


The Editor/Debugger has the following enhancements:

Current Directory Browser

In the Find/Replace dialog box, settings for Match case, Whole word, and Subdirectories are remembered for the next MATLAB session.

Also, you can delete directories that are not empty. All contents of the directory will be deleted along with the directory.

Workspace Browser

You can select the column on which to sort in the Workspace browser, as well as reverse the sort order of any column. Click on a column heading to sort on that column. Click on the column heading again to reverse the sort order in that column. For example, to sort on Size, click the column heading once. To change from ascending to descending, click on the heading again.

Source Control

If you use Merant PVCS with MATLAB source control features, you no longer need to specify the project configuration file using cmopts. If you did specify it in previous releases, you do not have to remove it as MATLAB will ignore it.


The computer function now displays the endian byte ordering of the computer with the following form.

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