MATLAB Release Notes    

Graphics Features

Transparent Legend

You can now make the legend box transparent, enabling you to see the plotted data behind the legend. See legend for more information.

New Ghostscript Drivers

The following new Ghostscript drivers are available with MATLAB by using the device switch shown below.

Printer Driver
Device Switch
Canon Color BubbleJet BJC-800
HP LaserJet 4.5L and 5P
HP LaserJet 5 and 6

New Ghostscript Output Filters for Exporting

The following new Ghostscript output filters are available with MATLAB by using the option switch shown below.

File Format
Option Switch
BMP Monochrome BMP
PDF Color file Format

Higher Resolution Metafiles

You can now set the resolution of a Windows Enhanced Metafile copied from a MATLAB figure window with the print -dmeta command. Set the resolution using the -d option of the print command. For example, to copy a figure to a metafile having a resolution of 200 dpi, use

MATLAB uses the screen resolution as the default.

Default PaperType and PaperUnits Set For International Users

The matlabrc.m startup file now sets the default PaperType and PaperUnits properties based on ISO Country Codes. These default to 'a4' and 'centimeters' respectively for users in countries that normally default to these settings. Other countries still default to 'usletter' and 'inches'.

The same values are used for default Simulink PaperType and PaperUnits properties in the matlabrc.m startup file.

You can still set default PaperType or PaperUnits values yourself by adding the following to startup.m.

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