MATLAB Release Notes    

Platform Limitations

The MATLAB functionality described in these Release Notes and in the MATLAB documentation applies to MATLAB 6.5, with the exception of the limitations listed below for the HP and IBM platform.

This discussion of new MATLAB platform limitations is organized into the following categories:

Another platform limitation involves the use BLAS on certain processors. See You May Need to Overwrite the MATLAB Default Choice of BLAS for details.

Patch Required for HP-UX 11.0

To run MATLAB on HP-UX 11.0, you must install a patch available from Hewlett-Packard. To get the patch, go to, the IT Resource Center page. The patch is available to registered customers from the individual patches link. The patch name is below.

PHSS_21959 1.0 X/Motif 32 bit
Runtime 2000 Periodic Patch

Development Environment Limitations

The MATLAB 6.5 development environment features have the platform limitations described below. These include limitations that have existed since MATLAB 6.0.

The MATLAB desktop and most of the development environment tools are not available on the HP-UX and IBM platform. Following are the specific limitations for each tool and available alternatives.

Limitation and Alternatives 
Not supported. Instead, the MATLAB prompt appears in an X window. Use function alternatives for various tools.
Array Editor
Not supported. Instead, view and edit variables at the command line.
Command History
Not supported. To recall previous lines, use the up arrow key, or use the diary function or the logfile startup option.
Current Directory browser
Not supported. Use function alternatives documented for the Current Directory browser, including cd, delete, ls, and mkdir.
Demos for non-Java platforms run the way they did in Release 12.1. You do not access them from the Help browser, but rather by using the demo function.
Not supported. For editing M-files, use the edit function, and another text editor, such as Emacs--see the edit reference page to specify the other text editor. To debug M-files, use MATLAB debugging functions.
Help browser
Not supported. Help displays in your default browser. The Index and Search features are not available. You get a broken link message from your browser if you try to access documentation that you do not have installed.
HDF Import Tool
Not supported. Use function alternatives documented in Using the HDF Import Tool.
Import Wizard
Not supported. Use import function equivalents for the various features.
Launch Pad
Not supported. Access documentation and demos using functions, such as help and demo.
Not supported. Set location of help files using docopt.
The new desktop Profiler is not supported. The Version 6.1 profile and profreport functions are supported.
Set Path dialog box
Not supported. Use the path, addpath, and rmpath functions instead.
Source Control menu items
Not supported. Use the checkin, checkout, cmopts, and undocheckout functions on UNIX platforms or the verctrl function on PC platforms instead.
Workspace browser
Not supported. Use who, whos, save, load, and clear functions instead.

Mathematics Limitations

The MATLAB 6.5 mathematics features have the platform limitation described below.

Basic Fitting Interface

The Basic Fitting interface is not supported. Instead, use curve fitting functions such as polyfit and spline. See also Data Analysis and Statistics in the MATLAB documentation for more information.

Graphics Limitations

The MATLAB 6.5 graphics features have the platform limitations described below.

Limitation and Alternatives
Data Statistics
Not supported.
Uses the Release 11 Page Setup, Print Setup, and Print dialog boxes. For information about these interfaces, see Printing MATLAB Graphics in the online MATLAB documentation.
Property Editor
Not supported. Similar graphical user interfaces provide access to figure, line and text objects. Use the set and get functions to modify Handle Graphics object properties.

Creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIDE) Limitations

The MATLAB 6.5 GUIDE-related features have the platform limitations described below.

GUIDE is not supported on the following platforms:

  Major Bug Fixes You May Need to Overwrite the MATLAB Default Choice of BLAS