MATLAB Release Notes    

Development Environment Upgrade Issues

The issues involved in upgrading from MATLAB 6.1 to MATLAB 6.5, in terms of development environment features, are discussed below.

Toolbox Path Caching Now On By Default

Toolbox path caching is now on by default--see Startup.

Release 13 Prerelease users might not see the toolbox path caching option on by default. To turn it on, select File -> Preferences -> General, set the Enable toolbox path cache check box, and click OK. The next time you start MATLAB, it will create the cache file, and startups after that will be faster.

Changes to ver Function

The ver function header now displays more detailed operating system output and the version, if any, of the Java Virtual Machine MATLAB uses. The hostid is no longer in the ver header.

The ver header displays when you run ver with an argument, for example, ver('simulink'). The header is not displayed when ver returns the results to a structure, for example, simver = ver('simulink').

The ver output no longer includes a date column. The output is now ordered with MATLAB first, Simulink second, if installed, and then all other installed products in alphabetical order.

Migration of Files Used by Desktop Tools

Most files associated with desktop tools are maintained when you upgrade from Release 12.1 to Release 13. Specifically, preferences, the Command History, Help favorites, and current directory entries in the desktop toolbar and Current Directory browser lists are maintained. However, there may be some invalid current directory and favorites entries if the locations of Release 13 files are different from the locations of Release 12 files.

pathdef.m.   If you want Release 13 to use your existing pathdef.m file, save it to another location outside of $matlabroot before installing Release 13, and then after installing, copy it back.


Cannot Save in Debug Mode.   You cannot save changes to an M-file while in debug mode. First quit debug mode and then save the file.

Subfunctions Listed Alphabetically.   When you click the function button on the toolbar, the subfunctions are listed alphabetically. Previously they were listed in the order that they appeared in the M-file.

Use Delete Instead of Clear.   The Edit -> Clear menu item was removed. Use Edit -> Delete instead.

Discontinued Form of edit.   The edit function no longer supports the forms edit fun1 in fun2 or edit fun(a, b, c).

Running Playshow Demos from the Command Line

To run playshow demos from the command line, you now need to type playshow followed by the demo name. In previous releases, you only needed to type the playshow demo name to run it.

For example, if you type quake, the demo does not run. View the H1 line for quake.m, that is, the first comment line. It begins with two comment symbols (%%), indicating that quake is a playshow demo. Therefore, type playshow quake to run the demo.

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