MATLAB Release Notes    

Graphics Features

MATLAB 6.5 adds the following graphics features and enhancements.

New Text Properties - Control Text Background

Text objects have the following new properties.

Color of text extent rectangle
Color of the rectangle edge
Style of the rectangle edge line
Width of the rectangle edge line
Increase the size of the rectangle by adding a margin to the text extent

Colormap Editor - Modify Colormaps Interactively

The colormap editor is a tool that enables you to modify the colormap of the current figure. See the colormapeditor function description for more information and an example.

Redesigned Property Editor

The Handle Graphics Property Editor and associated help have been redesigned.

Selecting a Printer From the MATLAB Command Line

In earlier versions of MATLAB, you could select a nondefault printer for graphics from the MATLAB command line on UNIX systems only. In MATLAB 6.5, you can do this on Windows systems as well. Specify the printer using the -P switch in the print command.

For example, to print Figure No. 3 to a printer called Calliope, type

If the printer name has spaces in it, put quotes around the -P option, as shown here.

Using a Network Print Server

On Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP systems, you can print to a network print server using the form shown here for a printer named trinity.

This form is not supported on Windows 98 or Windows ME. On these platforms, you can print to a network printer only if you install a network printer using the Add Printer dialogs. When installed in this manner, these network printers work without the use of the \\server\printer notation, as they look the same as local printers.

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