MATLAB Release Notes    

Creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIDE) Features

MATLAB 6.5 adds the following features and enhancements to GUIDE:

Changes to the M-file Generated by GUIDE

The associated M-file generated by GUIDE has the following differences for Release 13:

The following sections describe changes to the associated M-file in greater detail.

New Calling Syntax for GUI M-File.   You can call the GUI M-file with the following syntax:

Opening Function Code.   The generated GUI M-file now includes a subfunction for any initialization code you want to execute. If you call the GUI with input arguments, they are passed to the opening function. The GUI M-file calls the opening function with the following arguments:

Output Function Code.   The GUI M-file now includes a subfunction for passing output arguments to the command line. The GUI M-file calls the output function with the following arguments:

GUIDE Quick Start Dialog and Templates

GUIDE now provides four templates that make it easier to construct GUIs. The templates are simple examples of GUIs that you can modify for your purposes. You can access the templates from the new GUIDE Quick Start dialog that appears when you open GUIDE, or when you select New from the file menu. It is often easier to build a GUI from an existing template rather than starting with a blank GUI.

openfig Accepts Property Name/Value Pair--Returns User Args

The openfig function enables you to specify figure property name/value pairs that are applied to the figure before it is displayed. See the openfig reference page for more information.

uiputfile and uigetfile Return Filter Index

The uigetfile and uiputfile functions can now optionally return an index value that enables you to determine which filter was selected by the user. See the uigetfile and uiputfile reference pages for more information.


The new uigetdir function displays a dialog box in which the user can select a directory, and returns the directory name as a string.

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