SimMechanics Release Notes    

Upgrading from an Earlier Release

This section describes the upgrade issues involved in moving from SimMechanics Version 1.0 to Version 1.1.

Referencing Body Coordinate System Names

Body coordinate system (CS) name references have been restricted and simplified in SimMechanics 1.1.

In a given Body block, you can now make body and grounded CS references in three ways. References from one Body CS to other CS names must be to:

The Modeling Bodies section and the Body block reference page explain this CS name reference scheme.

Correcting English Units for Body Inertia

To change old models using the incorrect English inertia unit lb*ft/s2 to the new English inertia unit slug*ft2:

  1. Open each Body dialog with the incorrect unit and click OK or Apply.
  2. Once you have completed all such Body dialogs, resave the model to preserve the update.

Reordering Body Sensor Output Signals

When you open and save old models using Body Sensors, SimMechanics 1.1 automatically implements the new Body Sensor dialog (see Body Sensor Output Signals Reordered previously). You might need to reorder the output signal lines to reflect the correct signal sequence, however.

Removing Invalid Sensor and Actuator Connections

When you run an existing model containing Massless Connectors with connections to Actuator and Sensor blocks, SimMechanics 1.1 issues an error asking you to replace each old Massless Connector with a new Massless Connector from the block library. You cannot connect Sensor and Actuator blocks to the new Massless Connectors.

Utilities Block Name Change

The SimMechanics 1.0 Utilities library contained the Pose2VR block, for converting 3-by-3 orthogonal rotation matrices to equivalent axis-angle rotations. In version 1.1, this block has been renamed RotationMatrix2VR. Old Pose2VR blocks are converted automatically to RotationMatrix2VR blocks when an old model is loaded.

Reconfiguring Virtual Reality Visualization

The SimMechanics documentation assumes that you are using the new default Virtual Reality Toolbox viewer. You are free to install and use the blaxxun Contact 4.4 plug-in viewer with a Web browser.

Installing the Browser Plugin Viewer

Important tips for installing the blaxxun Contact browser plugin viewer:

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