SimPowerSystems Release Notes    

Chapter 1
SimPowerSystems 2.3 Release Notes

New Features

This section summarizes the new features and enhancements introduced in SimPowerSystems since Version 2.2 (Release 12.1).

If you are upgrading from a release earlier than Release 12.1, then you should also see New Features in the Power System Blockset 2.2 Release Notes.

Simulation Enhancements

The SimPowerSystems 2.3 enables you to simulate almost any circuit with the phasor simulation feature. The simulation time is reduced dramatically with this method (the differential equations representing the network are replaced by a set of algebraic equations at a fixed frequency). The phasor simulation facilitates transient stability studies of multimachine systems. The Transient Stability of 2 Machines demo illustrates a phasor simulation.

Electrical Sources Library Enhancements

The 3-Phase Programmable Voltage Source block has been moved to the Electrical Sources library. This block implements a three-phase voltage source, with programmable time variation for the amplitude, phase, and frequency of the fundamental frequency, and two superposable harmonics.

Elements Library Enhancements

The following new blocks and enhancements have been added to the Elements library:

Power Electronics Library Enhancements

The Three-Level Bridge block has been added to the Power Electronics library. You can use this block to model complex converter configurations

Machines Library Enhancements

The following new blocks and enhancements have been added to the Machines library:

Extras Library Enhancements

The Static Var Compensator block has been added for use with the phasor solution in the Phasor Library.

Powergui Enhancements

The Powergui block features these new tools and enhancements:

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