Real-Time Workshop Release Notes    

Known Software and Documentation Problems

This section describes known software and documentation problems in Version 5.0 of Real-Time Workshop.

For a list of bugs reported in the previous release that remain open, see Known Software Problem in the Real-Time Workshop 4.1 Release Notes.

No Code Generation Support for 64-bit Integer Values

In Release 13 MATLAB supports both signed (INT64) and unsigned (UINT64) integers. There is, however, no corresponding support in Real-Time Workshop for such values, meaning that they cannot be read from the Workspace or declared in generated code, including downcasts.

Missing Examples Intended to Describe Combining Multiple Models

Two example models for the section called "Combining Multiple Models" in the Targeting Real-Time Systems chapter of the documentation were inadvertently not distributed in Release 12.1. These models, fuelsys1.mdl and mcolon.mdl, have been superseded by models in the multimallocdemo.mdl demo, and the documentation has been correspondingly updated.

Setting Environment Variable to Run Rapid Simulation Target Executables on Solaris

To run RSIM executables outside of MATLAB on the Solaris platform, you need to modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to include bin/sol2 directory where MATLAB is installed. For example, if you have installed MATLAB under /usr/local/MATLAB then you need to add /usr/local/MATLAB/bin/sol2 to your environment variable.

Limitation Affecting Rolling Regions of
Discontiguous Signals

This note describes a limitation affecting discontiguous signals that have regions that have a width greater than or equal to the Loop rolling threshold. (This parameter is set in the General code generation options category of the Real-Time Workshop pane.)

Such signal regions are called rolling regions.

If a rolling region of a discontiguous signal has storage class ImportedExternPointer, all other rolling regions of the signal must also have storage class ImportedExternPointer. Otherwise, a code generation error is displayed. If this error occurs, try increasing the Loop rolling threshold.

Code Generation Failure in Nested Directories
Under Windows 98

This note describes a limitation affecting both the Simulink Accelerator and Real-Time Workshop, under Windows 98. The problem is due to a limitation of Windows 98.

If the present working directory (pwd) is a folder nested in 7 or more levels, Real-Time Workshop (or Simulink Accelerator) cannot generate code. The workaround is to connect to a higher-level (less deeply nested) directory before initiating the build process.

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