Signal Processing Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 2
Signal Processing Toolbox 5.1 Release Notes

New Features

This section introduces the new features added in the Signal Processing Toolbox 5.1 since the Signal Processing Toolbox 5.0 (Release 12.0). Enhancements are described in the next section.

For information about Signal Processing Toolbox features that are incorporated from recent releases, see New Features in the Signal Processing Toolbox 5.0 Release Notes.

The Signal Processing Toolbox 5.1 provides a number of new features and enhancements, and a completely new facility for analyzing filters, the Filter Visualization Tool.

This section is organized into the following subsections:

Filter Visualization Tool

The new Filter Visualization Tool (fvtool) groups all the filter analysis functions, such as magnitude, phase, impulse response, etc., into a single window where you can easily switch between analyses, add annotations, and print your filter response.

New Windows

Six new window functions and a general window function have been added to the Signal Processing Toolbox. One window has been renamed. The new windows are:

The general window function is an alternate way to specify any Signal Processing Toolbox window.

The rectangular (boxcar) window function has been renamed rectwin. For compatibility, boxcar will continue to work in this release.


The new bitrevorder function returns input data in bit-reversed order.


The new downsample and upsample functions decrease and increase the sampling rate of a signal, respectively.


The new filternorm function computes the 2-norm or inf-norm of a digital filter.


The new goertzel function implements the Goertzel algorithm, which is an alternate method of computing the DFT.

New Signal Demo

A new demo, Vector Transition Processing Using Spectral Windows, has been added. This demo is interactive and demonstrates how to smooth the transition between two vectors by using various spectral windows.

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