Signal Processing Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 1
Signal Processing Toolbox 6.0 Release Notes

New Features

This section summarizes the new features and enhancements introduced in the Signal Processing Toolbox.

If you are upgrading from a release earlier than Release 12.1, then you should see Upgrading from an Earlier Release.

This section is organized into the following subsections:

Digital Filter Objects

The Signal Processing Toolbox 6.0 adds a new way of creating, viewing, and modifying discrete-time filters using objects. With the new discrete-time filter object, dfilt, you can use object-oriented programming, such as calling constructors to create specific types of filter objects, using get to view the filter properties, and using set to change filter properties. See the dfilt reference page for detailed information on this new object.

Some advantages of using dfilt objects instead of vectors of coefficients [b,a] are:

Window Design and Analysis Tool

The new Window Design and Analysis Tool (wintool) is a GUI that provides an easy way to design and compare spectral windows. All of the windows provided in the Signal Toolbox are available in wintool. You start wintool from the MATLAB command line. See the wintool reference page for more information.

Window Visualization Tool

A new tool for viewing windows, wvtool, has been added.

Window Objects

A new way of creating, viewing, and modifying windows using objects has been added. The new window object, sigwin, uses object-oriented programming. See Digital Filter Objects above for advantages of using objects. See the sigwin reference page for detailed information on this new object.

Window Function

Using the window function without specifying an input now launches the Window Design and Analysis Tool (wintool).

New Windows

Two new window functions have been added:

Gaussian Filter Function

The new function, firgauss designs an FIR Gaussian digital filter.

New Analysis Functions

Three new analysis functions have been added:

Improvements to grpdelay

The grpdelay function has been updated to be more accurate for IIR filters with poles/zeros very close to the unit circle. This improvement is also reflected in the Group Delay plot in FDATool and FVTool.

stepz Function

stepz, which is also available as an overloaded dfilt method, is now available from the MATLAB command line. Previously, it was available only in fdatool.

digitrevorder Function

A new function, digitrevorder, allows you to pre-order a vector of filter coefficients.

FDATool Enhancements

FVTool Enhancements


You can now launch the Window Visualization Tool (wvtool) from the Vector Transition demo (windtrandemo) to view the selected window.

A new Spectral Estimation demo (psddemo) has been added.

A new digital filter object demo (dfiltdemo) has been added.

The spectrogram demo (specgramdemo) has been enhanced with additional audio playback and visualization options.

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