Simulink Performance Tools Release Notes    

Chapter 1
Simulink Performance Tools 1.2 Release Notes

New Features

If you are upgrading from a release earlier than Release 12.1, then you should also see New Features in the Simulink Performance Tools 1.1 Release Notes.

Graphical Merge Tool Enhancements

This release provides the following enhancements to the Graphical Merge tool:

Model Coverage Tool Enhancements

Simulink Performance Tools 1.2 includes several enhancements to the Model Coverage Tool.

Redesigned Coverage Settings Dialog Box

The redesign groups related settings into tabbed panes, thereby improving the readability of the settings.

Multirun Coverage Reports

To display results for a series of runs, select Cumulative runs on the on the Report pane of the Coverage Settings dialog box.

Coverage of Additional Objects

In addition to the blocks covered in previous releases, this release covers the following blocks:

This release also extends coverage to Stateflow event and state temporal decisions

Cyclomatic Complexity Coverage

The Model Coverage Tool now computes the cyclomatic complexity of covered objects and includes the result by default in the summary and detail sections of the coverage report. See Coverage Analysis in the online documentation for more information.

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