Statistics Toolbox Release Notes    

Upgrading from an Earlier Release

This section describes the upgrade issues involved in moving from the Statistics Toolbox 3.0 to Version 4.0.

Linear and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis Added to classify

The algorithm that was previously implemented in classify used the Mahalanobis distance between sample points and training groups, with stratified estimates of covariance. The new implementation adds the standard algorithms for linear (default) and quadratic discriminant analysis. Set 'type' to 'mahalanobis' in Version 4.0 (R13) to duplicate the behavior of the previous version.

Use playshow Command to Run glmdemo

Starting in Release 13, to run slideshow style demos such as glmdemo from the command line, you must use the playshow command. For example,

You can continue to run other styles of demos from the command line by typing just the demo name. glmdemo is the only slideshow style demo in the Statistics Toolbox Version 4.0.

  Major Bug Fixes Known Software and Documentation Problems