Embedded Target for TI C6000 DSP Release Notes    

Known Software and Documentation Problems

This section includes a link to a description of known software and documentation problems in Version 2.0.

For a list of bugs reported in the previous release that remain open, see Known Software and Documentation Problems.



In MATLAB Demos (select Help->Demos from the MATLAB menu bar), the Embedded Target demonstration program LMS Adaptive Filtering runs slowly on DSP Starter Kit (DSK) boards. Design features of the board cause the slow processing across the RTDX link. Using the Texas Instruments XDS 510 JTAG/PC Controller, or an equivalent emulator, to connect your host to the DSK can alleviate the problem.

Data Types

C5000 and C6000 family processors handle integer data types differently. On C5000 family processors, 8-bit values do not have unique addresses. The C5000 family processors use 16-bit addresses natively. When you read and write to C5000 family processors, 8-bit integers in MATLAB are stored as 16-bit integers on the processor. In detail, the differences are

For these reasons, scripts that run on C6000 family processors may not run without modification on C5000 family processors.

General Target Operations

When your target digital signal processor is running, CCS uses up to 99% of the CPU cycles on your PC. Consequently, some other operations may be very slow, such as running the MATLAB help system or processing other applications.

LED Overrun Indicator

For this version of the product, the LED overrun indicator available in earlier product versions is not included.

 Upgrading from an Earlier Release