Virtual Reality Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 2
Virtual Reality Toolbox 2.0 Release Notes

Introduction to the Virtual Reality Toolbox

The Virtual Reality Toolbox extends the capabilities of MATLAB and Simulink into the world of virtual reality graphics. Using standard Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) technology, you can create animated three-dimensional scenes that are driven from the MATLAB and Simulink environment.

Simulink Interface

You can observe a simulation of your dynamic system over time in a visually realistic three-dimensional model.

Most of the Virtual Reality Toolbox features can be implemented with Simulink blocks. Once you include these blocks in a Simulink diagram, they allow you to select the virtual world, which you connect to Simulink signals. The Virtual Reality Toolbox automatically scans the virtual world for available VRML nodes that can be driven by Simulink.

MATLAB Interface

The Virtual Reality Toolbox provides a flexible MATLAB interface to a virtual reality world.

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)

The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is an ISO standard that is open, text-based, and uses a Web-oriented format. You use VRML to define a virtual world that you can display in a Web browser and connect to a Simulink model.

The Virtual Reality Toolbox uses many of the advanced features defined in the current VRML97 specification. The term VRML, in this chapter, always refers to VRML as defined in the VRML97 standard ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997. This format includes a description of three-dimensional scenes, sound, internal actions, and Web anchors.

VRML Viewing

If you install a VRML plug-in, you can view a virtual world in your preferred Web browser. For PC platforms, the Virtual Reality Toolbox includes the popular VRML plug-in, blaxxun Contact.

The Virtual Reality Toolbox connects MATLAB and Simulink with a VRML enabled browser to display a simulated process using the TCP/IP protocol. This allows you to watch a simulated virtual world not only on the computer where MATLAB and Simulink are running, but also on other computers connected through the Internet.

VRML Authoring

For PC platforms, the Virtual Reality Toolbox includes the leading VRML authoring tool, V-Realm Builder, by Ligos Corp. With the addition of this VRML authoring tool, the Virtual Reality Toolbox provides a complete authoring, development, and working environment for carrying out three-dimensional visual simulations.

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