Virtual Reality Toolbox Release Notes    

Chapter 1
Virtual Reality Toolbox 3.0 Release Notes

New Features

This section summarizes the new features and enhancements introduced in the Virtual Reality Toolbox 3.0.

For an overview of the Virtual Reality Toolbox, see Introduction to the Virtual Reality Toolbox.

Cross-Platform Support

The Virtual Reality Toolbox 3.0 is supported on both PC and UNIX platforms. See Supported Computer Platforms in the Virtual Reality Toolbox documentation for more information.

Virtual Reality Toolbox Viewer

The Virtual Reality Toolbox 3.0 now contains a VRML viewer. You can use this viewer on all supported operating systems. With the Virtual Reality Toolbox viewer, you can move between predefined viewpoints in a virtual scene. You can also control the navigation method, speed, and rendering of the virtual world. From the MATLAB interface, you can control the Virtual Reality Toolbox viewer better than other VRML-enabled Web browsers.

Improved Performance

The communication between the Virtual Reality Toolbox and VRML-enabled Web browsers is improved. You are now able to perform such tasks as controlling multiple objects in a virtual scene or setting multiple field values faster than before.

Improved MATLAB Interface

It is now easier to access and manipulate virtual world objects from the MATLAB command line. You can use dot notation to change object properties. Also, multiple field values are transferred between MATLAB and the Virtual Reality server in a form consistent with their VRML representation.

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