xPC Target Release Notes    

Chapter 3
xPC Target 1.1 Release Notes

Introduction to xPC Target and xPC Target Embedded Option

The xPC Target and xPC Target Embedded Option products were introduced as MathWorks products in Release 11.1.

These products have been updated between Release 11.1 and Release 12, as described in the New Features section that follows.

xPC Target

xPC Target is a host-target PC solution for prototyping, testing, and deploying real-time systems. It is an environment where the host and target computers are different computers.

In this environment you use your desktop PC as a host computer with MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow (optional) to create models using Simulink blocks and Stateflow diagrams. After creating a model, you can run simulations in nonreal-time.

You can than use your host computer with Real-Time Workshop®, Stateflow Coder (optional) and a C compiler to create executable code. After creating the executable code, you can run your target application in real time on a second PC compatible system.

xPC Target Embedded Option

The xPC Target Embedded Option requires an additional license from The MathWorks.

This option allows you to boot the target PC from a device other than a floppy disk drive such as a hard disk drive or flash memory. It also allows you to create stand-alone applications on the target PC independent from the host PC.

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