External Interfaces/API Reference    

Serial Port I/O Functions

clear (serial)
Remove serial port object from MATLAB workspace
delete (serial)
Remove serial port object from memory
disp (serial)
Display serial port object summary information
fclose (serial)
Disconnect serial port object from the device
fgetl (serial)
Read from device and discard the terminator
fgets (serial)
Read from device and include the terminator
fopen (serial)
Connect serial port object to the device
fprintf (serial)
Write text to the device
fread (serial)
Read binary data from the device
Release hold on a serial port
fscanf (serial)
Read data from device and format as text
fwrite (serial)
Write binary data to the device
get (serial)
Return serial port object properties
Display event information when an event occurs
Return serial port objects from memory to the MATLAB workspace
Determine if serial port objects are valid
length (serial)
Length of serial port object array
load (serial)
Load serial port objects and variables into MATLAB workspace
Read data asynchronously from the device
Record data and event information to a file
save (serial)
Save serial port objects and variables to MAT-file
Create a serial port object
Send break to device connected to the serial port
set (serial)
Configure or display serial port object properties
size (serial)
Size of serial port object array
Stop asynchronous read and write operations

  ddeunadv clear (serial)