Creating Graphical User Interfaces    

Application Examples

This chapter contains a series of examples that illustrate techniques that are useful for creating GUIs. Each example provides a link to the actual GUI in the GUIDE Layout Editor and a link to the GUI M-file displayed in the MATLAB editor. If you are reading this in the MATLAB Help browser, you can use these links to view the GUI and the M-file.
GUI with Multiple Axes
Analyze data and generate frequency and time domain plots in the GUI figure.
List Box Directory Reader
List the contents of a directory, navigate to other directories, and define what command to execute when users double-click on a given type of file.
Accessing Workspace Variables from a List Box
List variables in the base MATLAB workspace from a GUI and plot them. This example illustrates selecting multiple items and executing commands in a different workspace.
A GUI to Set Simulink Model Parameters
Set parameters in a Simulink model, save and plot the data, and implement a help button.
An Address Book Reader
Read data from MAT-files, edit and save the data, and manage GUI data using the handles structure.

  Using Modal Figure Windows GUI with Multiple Axes