Creating Graphical User Interfaces    


What Is a GUI?
Introduction to GUIs.
Creating GUIs with GUIDE
Overview of creating GUI with GUIDE.
Using GUIDE Templates
GUIDE provides templates for a number of typical GUIs. Templates are fully programmed and provide a good starting point for user-created GUIs.
Example: Using the Modal Dialog to Confirm an Operation
Example that illustrates how to implement a modal dialog created by another GUI.
Example: Displaying an Image File
Example that illustrates how to display an image file on a GUI.
Selecting GUI Options
Various options you can select for your GUI implementation.
User Interface Controls
Components that you can insert in the GUI, such as push buttons, menus, and axes.
Renaming GUI Files and Tags
What you need to keep in mind when renaming files and tags.
Exporting a GUI to a Single M-File
How to export a GUI to a single M-file.
This section provides an overview of creating GUIs with GUIDE.

  Saving and Running the GUI What Is a GUI?