Creating Graphical User Interfaces    

Programming GUIs

This chapter covers the following topics related to programming the M-file within the framework that GUIDE generates.
Understanding the GUI M-File
The GUI M-file programs the GUI. This section describes the functioning of the GUI M-file, both the generated and user-written code.
Managing GUI Data with the Handles Structure
The handles structure provides easy access to all component handles in the GUI. In addition, you can use this structure to store all shared data required by your GUI.
Designing for Cross-Platform Compatibility
This section discusses the settings (used by default with GUIDE) that enable you to make your GUI look good on different computer platforms.
Types of Callbacks
You can define callbacks in addition to that defined by the uicontrol Callback property. This section discusses the types available and their applications.
Interrupting Executing Callbacks
This section describes how the GUI programmer can control whether user actions can interrupt executing callbacks.
Controlling Figure Window Behavior
This section discusses how a GUI figure can block MATLAB execution and can be modal.

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