Creating Graphical User Interfaces    

GUIDE Layout Tools

This section describes GUIDE's layout tools, which simplify the process of creating GUIs.
Laying Out GUIs - The Layout Editor
Add and arrange objects in the figure window.
Aligning Components in the Layout Editor
Align objects with respect to each other.
Setting Component Properties - The Property Inspector
Inspect and set the property values of the GUI components.
Viewing the Object Hierarchy - The Object Browser
Observe a hierarchical list of the Handle Graphics objects in the current MATLAB session.
Creating Menus - The Menu Editor
Create menus for the window menu bar and context menus for any component in your layout.
Setting the Tab Order - The Tab Order Editor
Change the order in which GUI components are selected by tabbing.

  Exporting a GUI to a Single M-File Laying Out GUIs - The Layout Editor