Handle Graphics Objects

Graphics Object Hierarchy
Illustration of the graphics object hierarchy.
Types of Graphics Objects
Overview of the various graphics objects.
Object Properties
What is a property and what do you do with it.
Graphics Object Creation Functions
Functions that construct graphics objects.
Setting and Querying Property Values
How to set and query property values and how to return to original (factory default) values.
Setting Default Property Values
How MATLAB determines what values to use for a given object's properties. How to define default values.
Accessing Object Handles
Obtain the handles of existing objects.
Controlling Graphics Output
Control target window for graphics output.
Saving Handles in M-Files
How to manage object handles within a graphics M-file.
Properties Changed by Built-In Functions
List of the properties that are changed by MATLAB built-in functions.
Callback Properties for Graphics Objects
Execute functions when the events described in this section occur on graphics objects.
Function Handle Callbacks
Function handles provide advantages for specifying callbacks. These advantages are illustrated through a GUI example.

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