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Creating Specialized Plots

Grouped Bar Graph
Detached 3-D Bars
Grouped 3-D Bars
Stacked Bar Graphs to Show Contributing Amounts
Overlaying Plots on Bar Graphs
Comparing Datasets with Area Graphs
Pie Chart
Two-Dimensional Stem Plots
Combining Stem Plots with Line Plots
3-D Stem Plot of an FFT
Combining Stem and Line Plots
Stairstep Plot of a Function
Compass Plot of Wind Direction and Speed
Contour Plot of the Peaks Function
Displaying Contours in Polar Coordinates
Visualizing an FFT as a Movie
Selecting Plotting Points from the Screen
Animating with Erase Modes

Basic Printing and Exporting

Exporting in EPS Format with a TIFF Preview
Exporting in a Specific Graphics Format
Printing a Centered Figure
Printing with a Specific Paper Size
Printing a Figure at Screen Size
Exporting a Figure to the Clipboard

Handle Graphics Objects

Example -- Creating Graphics Objects
Examples -- Setting Default LineStyles
Example -- Finding Objects
Example -- Copying Objects
Example -- Using newplot

Function Handle Callbacks

Example -- Using Function Handles in a GUI

Figure Properties

Specifying Figure Position
Two Custom Pointers

Axes Properties

Creating Axes with Specific Characteristics
Placing Text Outside the Axes
Multiple Axes for Different Scaling
Setting Tick Mark Locations
Changing Axis Direction
Double Axis Graphs
Calculating Color Limits