Printing and Exporting

Overview of Printing and Exporting
Introduction to basic operations, interfaces, parameters, and defaults associated with printing and exporting
How to Print or Export
Step-by-step instructions for printing a figure to a printer or to a file, and for exporting a figure to a graphics-format file or to the clipboard
Examples of Basic Operations
Examples that provide you with the information you need to submit a simple print or export job
Changing a Figure's Settings
How to change the default settings for parameters, such as figure size, paper orientation, background color, and rendering method
Choosing a Graphics Format
Factors to consider when choosing a graphics format for exporting to a file, and information about commonly used formats
Choosing a Printer Driver
Factors to consider when using a nondefault print driver, and information specific to drivers supported by MATLAB
Solutions to frequently asked questions and common problems encountered while printing or exporting graphics

  Converting the Data or Graphic Type of Images Overview of Printing and Exporting