Data Analysis and Statistics

This chapter introduces the MATLAB data analysis capabilities. It includes the following topics:
Column-Oriented Data Sets
Organizing arrays for data analysis.
Basic Data Analysis Functions
Basic data analysis functions and an example that uses some of the functions. This section also discusses functions for the computation of correlation coefficients and covariance, and for finite difference calculations.
Data Preprocessing
Working with missing values, and outliers or misplaced data points in a data set.
Regression and Curve Fitting
Investigates the use of different regression methods to find functions that describe the relationship among observed variables.
Case Study: Curve Fitting
Uses a case study to look at some of the MATLAB basic data analysis capabilities. This section also provides information about the Basic Fitting interface.
Difference Equations and Filtering
Discusses MATLAB functions for working with difference equations and filters.
Fourier Analysis and the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Discusses Fourier analysis in MATLAB.

Data Analysis and Statistics Functions

The data analysis and statistics functions are in the directory datafun in the MATLAB Toolbox. Use online help to get a complete list of functions.

Related Toolboxes

A number of related toolboxes provide advanced functionality for specialized data analysis applications.

Data Analysis Application
Nonlinear curve fitting and regression.
Signal Processing
Signal processing, filtering, and frequency analysis.
Curve fitting and regression.
Advanced statistical analysis, nonlinear curve fitting, and regression.
System Identification
Parametric / ARMA modeling.
Wavelet analysis.

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