Function Functions

This chapter introduces and explores the use of function functions, i.e., functions that accept one or more functions as input arguments. You can pass such a function either as a function handle or as an inline object that defines a mathematical function. The function that is passed in is referred to as the objective function. This chapter includes:
Function Summary
A summary of some function functions
Representing Functions in MATLAB
Some guidelines for representing functions in MATLAB
Plotting Mathematical Functions
A discussion about using fplot to plot mathematical functions
Minimizing Functions and Finding Zeros
A discussion of high-level function functions that perform optimization-related tasks
Numerical Integration (Quadrature)
A discussion of the MATLAB quadrature functions

See the Differential Equations and Sparse Matrices chapters for information about the use of other function functions.
For information about function handles, see the function_handle (@), func2str, and str2func reference pages, and the Function Handles section of "Programming and Data Types" in the MATLAB documentation.

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