Matrices and Linear Algebra

This chapter describes basic matrix operations in MATLAB and explains their use in solving problems. It includes:
Function Summary
Summarizes the MATLAB linear algebra functions
Matrices in MATLAB
Explains the use of matrices and basic matrix operations in MATLAB
Solving Linear Systems of Equations
Discusses the solution of simultaneous linear equations in MATLAB, including square systems, overdetermined systems, and underdetermined systems
Inverses and Determinants
Explains the use in MATLAB of inverses, determinants, and pseudoinverses in the solution of systems of linear equations
Cholesky, LU, and QR Factorizations
Discusses the solution in MATLAB of systems of linear equations that involve triangular matrices, using Cholesky factorization, Gaussian elimination, and orthogonalization
Matrix Powers and Exponentials
Explains the use of MATLAB notation to obtain various matrix powers and exponentials
Explains eigenvalues and describes eigenvalue decomposition in MATLAB
Singular Value Decomposition
Describes singular value decomposition of a rectangular matrix in MATLAB

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