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Running MATLAB Functions

The Command Window is the main way you communicate with MATLAB. It appears in the desktop when you first start MATLAB. Use the Command Window to run MATLAB functions (also referred to as commands) and perform MATLAB operations.
Opening the Command Window
Open the Command Window if it's not already open.
Running Functions and Entering Variables
Enter statements at the prompt. Evaluate and open selections.
Controlling Input and Output
Includes case sensitivity, long statements, syntax highlighting, editing, shortcuts, suppressing and paging output, printing, and saving a session.
Searching in the Command Window
Use the Find dialog or incremental search features to find content in the Command Window.
Running Programs
Run M-files, interrupt programs, run external programs, and examine errors.
Preferences for the Command Window
Specify options for text, display, fonts, colors, the keyboard, and indenting.
Command History
View session histories. Run statements, copy entries, search, and print the history. Set preferences.

  General Preferences for MATLAB Opening the Command Window