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General Preferences for the Editor/Debugger

When you select File -> Preferences for the Editor/Debugger, you can specify the general preferences described here.


MATLAB editor.   Selecting MATLAB editor means that MATLAB uses the built-in Editor/Debugger.

Text editor.   To specify a text editor other than the MATLAB Editor, such as Emacs or vi, to be used when you open an M-file from within MATLAB, select Text editor. Specify the full pathname for the editor application you want to use.

For example, specify c:/Applications/Emacs.exe in the Text editor field, and then open a file using Open from the File menu in the MATLAB desktop. The file opens in Emacs instead of in the MATLAB Editor/Debugger.

Integrated text editor.   This option appears only if you correctly registered EmacsLink with MATLAB. Select this if you want to use EmacsLink, a tool that allows you to use the Emacs editor with MATLAB debugging capabilities. EmacsLink is not supported by The MathWorks. For details on installing, registering, and using EmacsLink, see Installing EmacsLink.

Most recently used file list

Use this preference to specify the number of files that appear in the list of most recently used files at the bottom of the File menu.

M-file comment formatting

Specify the Max width, that is, the maximum width, in number of columns, for M-file comments when you select the Autowrap comments preference.

For example, assume you select Autowrap comments and set the maximum width to be 75 characters, which is the width that will fit on a printed page using the default font for the Editor. When typing a comment line, as you reach the 75th column, the comment automatically continues on the next line.

The maximum width also applies when you use the Format Selected Comments feature--see Formatting Comments.

Automatically open files when debugging

By default, the item Automatically open files when debugging is selected. The result is that when you run an M-file containing breakpoints, the MATLAB Editor/Debugger opens when it encounters a breakpoint.

If you use debugging functions, you might want to clear the item so that the Editor/Debugger does not open when a breakpoint is encountered.

On restart

To start MATLAB and automatically open the files that were open when you last shut down MATLAB, select the item On restart open files from previous MATLAB session. If the item is not selected and you close MATLAB when there are files open in the Editor/Debugger, the next time you start MATLAB, the Editor/Debugger is not opened upon startup.

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