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Editing and Debugging M-Files

Ways to Edit and Debug M-Files in MATLAB
Methods for editing
  • MATLAB Editor/Debugger and equivalent functions
  • Use the Editor without MATLAB (called stand-alone)
  • Use an external editor with MATLAB
Methods for debugging are the MATLAB graphical Editor/Debugger and equivalent functions.
Starting the Editor/Debugger
Create new files, open existing files, and open files without starting MATLAB.
Creating and Editing M-Files with the Editor/Debugger
Controlling the appearance of M-files during editing, navigating in files, run M-files, and save, printing, and close files.
Debugging M-Files
Types of errors, finding errors, an example using the Debugger, and debugging features.
Preferences for the Editor/Debugger
Use preferences to specify the editor to be used, fonts and colors, display attributes, keyboard and indenting, autosave options, and more.

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