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Searching Documentation

Using the Search Pane

To look for a specific word or phrase in the documentation, use the Search tab in the Help Navigator pane.

  1. To limit or expand the products whose documentation is searched, set the Product filter.
  2. Click the Search tab.
  3. Select a Search type:

    Full Text
    Searches through all the text in the documentation.
    This can result in a large number of results. If so, try the techniques described in Want Fewer Results.
    Document Titles
    Searches through the headings in the documentation.
    This is the best way to search for overview information or for a broad topic.
    Function Name
    Searches for the reference page for the specified function, block, or property.
    This search type is the equivalent of running the doc function.
    Online Knowledge Base
    Connects to the MATLAB Web site and searches through the Technical Support information. It does not use the Product filter.
  4. Type the word or words you want to look for in the Search for field, and click Go (or press Enter or Return). You can use Boolean operators between the words. For the Function Name search type, you can only enter a single word for a function.
  1. The documents containing the exact search words are listed, grouped by product. For each result, the Title and Section of the document are shown so you can see the context for the search words. If you cannot see the Section, make the Navigator pane wider.

    For the Online Knowledge Base search type, the results appear in the display pane.

  1. Select an entry from the list of results.
  1. The selected page appears in the display pane with all occurrences of the search words highlighted (only for Full Text and Document Titles search types), with a different color for each word from the search term.

    Search words remain highlighted until you view another page or until you click the page reload button in the toolbar.

  1. To see variants of a word in the page, for example print instead of printing, use the Find in page field.

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