Development Environment    

Evaluating a Selection

To run code examples that appear in the documentation, select the code in the display pane. Then right-click and select Evaluate Selection from the context menu. The functions execute in the Command Window.

Viewing the Page Source (HTML)

To view the HTML source for the currently displayed page, select View -> Help View Options -> Page Source. The HTML version of the page appears in the Editor/Debugger. You can modify or copy the HTML source. To view a modified page, use the reload button in the display pane toolbar.

Viewing Web Pages and Other Documents

You can use the Help browser to view any Web page, although the Help browser might not support all the features of your usual Web browser. In the display pane page title field (to the left of Add to Favorites), type the URL and press the Enter key. For example, type The MathWorks Web page appears in the Help browser.

You can also select File -> Open to open a file on your system in the Help browser. The Help browser supports .html, .txt, .c, and .h files.

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