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Documentation Location--Specifying the help Directory

Use the Documentation location preference to specify where the MATLAB help directory resides for your system.

The help directory contains the online help files used by the Help browser:

Function Alternative

Use the docroot function to set the documentation location.

For UNIX platforms that do not support Java GUIs, use the docopt function to specify the location of your help directory. The documentation displays in your default system Web browser and demos in a non-Java interface.

Installing Help Files

If you did not install the help files but want to access them from your system rather than from your CD, you can install the documentation using either of two methods. The first method is to use the MATLAB Installer program and only install documentation. See the Installation documentation for your platform for instructions. Note that you cannot install most PDF files this way.

The other method is to copy the following directories and their contents from the CDs to your system's hard drive under $matlabroot.

For Japanese documentation, use the jhelp directory and its contents instead of the help directory.

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