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Help Fonts Preferences--Specifying Font Name, Style, and Size

You can specify the font type, style, and size used in the Help Navigator, and the font type and size used in the display pane. Expand the Help listing in the left pane of the Preferences dialog box and select Fonts. The Help Fonts Preferences panel appears.

Help Navigator Font

Use Help Navigator font preferences to specify the characteristics of the font in the Help Navigator. For example, specify a smaller font size for the Help Navigator to see more information without scrolling.

Select Use desktop font if you want the font in the Help Navigator to be the same as that specified under General - Font & Colors. If you want the Help Navigator font to be different, select Use custom font and specify the font characteristics for the Help Navigator:

After you make a selection, the Sample area shows how the font will look.

HTML Browser Font

Specify the font type and size used in the display pane for Fixed width and Proportional width fonts. In MathWorks documentation, most of the text uses proportional-width fonts. A fixed-width font is used for code examples, function names, and system input and output, as shown in this example.

To easily distinguish code, function names, and system input and output from surrounding text in the documentation, specify a different font for fixed width than for proportional width.

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