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Using Help Functions

There are several help functions that provide different forms of help from the Help browser, or provide alternative ways to access help.

Displays the M-file with line numbers. If you want to see only the input and output arguments for a function, use dbtype function 1, which displays the first line of the M-file.
Displays the Demos pane in the Help browser, from which you can access demonstrations for the products you have installed.
Displays the reference page for the specified function, block, or property in the Help browser. The reference page provides syntax, a description, examples, and links to related functions.
For UNIX platforms that do not support Java GUIs, use docopt to specify the location of help files. Documentation appears in a Web browser and demos in a non-Java interface.
Get or set the root directory for MATLAB help files.
Displays M-file help (a description and syntax) in the Command Window for the specified function or block.
Opens the Help browser, the MATLAB interface for accessing documentation.
Opens the Help browser. In previous releases, helpdesk displayed the Help Desk, which was the precursor to the Help browser.
Displays in the Help browser a list of all functions, providing access to M-file help for the functions.
Displays in the Command Window a list and brief description for all functions whose brief description includes the specified keyword.
Opens the specified URL in the specified Web browser, with the default being the MATLAB Help browser. You can use the web function in your own M-files to display documentation.

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