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Using the Product Filter

Use the Product filter in the Help Navigator to show documentation only for the products you specify. It is especially useful when you want to limit the search results to the most relevant ones.

To show documentation for all MathWorks products installed on your system, select All.

To show only a subset of the documentation for MathWorks products installed on your system, set the Product filter to Selected, which results in the following:

To specify the subset of products, click the Select button. The Help Product Filter dialog box opens.

A checkmark appears for all products whose documentation is currently displayed in the Help Navigator. Make changes to the selected products and click OK. Then, with the Product filter set to Selected, the Help Navigator only shows documentation for those products you specified.

The product filter settings are remembered for your next MATLAB session.

Note that the Product filter does not apply to Demos and to the Online Knowledge Base search type. If you clear the selection for Release Notes, it applies to the Release Notes document that provides the overview for a release, not to the Release Notes for an individual product.

Example Using the Product Filter

If you do a search and know the information you are seeking is in MATLAB or the Communications Toolbox:

  1. In the Help Product Filter, click Clear All and then select MATLAB and Communications Toolbox.
  2. In the Help Navigator, set the Product filter to Selected.

The Contents only shows MATLAB and the Communications Toolbox documentation, the Index only shows entries for MATLAB and the Communications Toolbox, and the Search feature only looks in and shows results for MATLAB and the Communications Toolbox.

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